This is a collection of my work projects, Please see the link above to my project site for more personal projects. I was able to work many very interesting projects, unfortunately due to NDA’s I am unable to share photos and info about them.

Cafe X

Cafe X is a robotic coffee bar, an automated coffee shop. This is done using a mixture of industrial automation and commercial food equipment with alot of custom hardware. I have helped them update and upgrade version 1 prototype from Hong Kong. I have also been working on the version 2 since the beginning. One of my roles was to design and integrate an in-line coffee nitrogen infusion system for adjustable head height as well as more efficient coffee production.

Navy Trailer Project

This was a special project that I was put on, while with TechShop. The Navy ordered 3 mobile fab-lab trailers. These trailers are 32 feet long and contain a fully functioning mobile makerspace. My role on the project was to interpret the drawings and build the trailers to specifications, as well as train the 3 teams to run and maintain the equipment. The trailers involved many custom made shelves, cabinets, workbenches and general fabrication.

Zume Pizza

Zume pizza’s mountain view location was designed and installed with the help of the systems integrator I was working for at the time. While I missed the initial install I provided both onsite support and data collection of the temperature zoning of the ovens. I was able to work some other very interesting projects with this company, unfortunately due to NDA’s I am unable to share photos and info about them.